My body should not have to be hidden or sexualized; anatomy is both natural and beautiful.
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queermeetsworld asked:
hey! you are so stunning, just thought I'd throw that out there. also, how much would you charge for one of your vaggy bracelets?

Hey! I’m sorry I didn’t respond promptly, I’ve been pretty busy doing some modeling actually :) Thank you! $20 for a bracelet and shipping depending on your location

buugdrool asked:
1. fucking hell you are beautiful. 2. What originally triggered you to be veg I am considering going vegan and asking around, 3. I thought I saw a post with those shirts with the boobs on them saying you could buy them, am I wrong..?

Ahh I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond! Life gets busy when ever it feels like it, y’know? Haha. I first went vegetarian about four and a half years ago because of a very abrasive, pressuring, pretty mean best friend. She wasn’t a healthy vegan but she was passionate about animal rights, which frankly she wasn’t very educated on either. Our friendship ended abruptly and I was hurt by it. I was kind of like, “what next?” as far as veg goes. I continued with vegetarianism for a couple months and transitioned into veganism because I started educating myself on animal rights AND healthfulness. Truthfully, I respect people who eat meat more so than vegetarians. We DO NOT need dairy past infancy. Dairy is indulgent and unnecessary. It’s merely just a convenience to be vegetarian over vegan because vegan options are less available. Consider this: Cows produce milk during pregnancy to nurse their young once they are born. After they are done nursing from their mother because they no longer need their mother’s nutrients and they eat hay, grass, etc. Why are people, through adulthood, consuming another animal’s breast milk made only for their young when we don’t need anything in it? So that’s a big portion. I once watched a video of the mother cow’s reaction after her calf was taken from her by a dairy factory worker right after giving birth. She was horrified, traumatized and confused, but they still proceeded to hook her up to a machine to be milked.

Booby shirts are $20 plus shipping depending on where you live. Let me know shirt size, boob size and shape and nipple size and color :)

This is so long and poorly articulated so I apologize haha. Anymore questions please feel free to ask! Have a great day :)

noremorsenorepent-deactivated20 asked:
you are honestly truly inspiring Sara, and you are so beautiful. agh! i am at a loss for words but you are just perfect

Ana, you are such a sweetheart<3 Perfection is subjective but thank you so much!!

Anonymous asked:
people are posting your nudes on anonib just so you know..

From my recent artistic nude photoshoot? Let them. I’m not ashamed of my body. If someone is taking it that shoot of context and sexualizing it then that’s their issue.

Conservatives say lesbian judge should stay out of marriage case


It’s Vaughn Walker all over again.

In a current case arguing for same-sex marriage in Illinois, a right-wing group led by Peter LaBarbera is demanding that Judge Sophia Hall recuse herself from the case because she’s openly lesbian. Much like what happened in the Prop 8 case, conservatives say she can’t impartially determine whether marriage is a constitutional right that should be given to gay couples. 

Hall is part of an LGBT legal group that has participated in pride parades and promotes equality for all people, and according to LaBarbera’s logic, that makes her unfit to judge the case. Similar arguments have been used to stop gay nominees from being appointed to state courts in Virginia and New Jersey. 

This is so ridiculous. 





Are you including pregnant people in ‘everyone’? 

The pregnant teenage cancer patient deserves her chemo, but she’s not allowed to get an abortion.  Explain to her why she doesn’t deserve life.
Source: I know it’s Jezebel, but still.


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